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Twisted Tales

1 hr 30min |  Recommended age: 7-13

Have a professional theatre production, which toured major venues in the UK, visit your school!

A great opportunity to engage students 7 to 13 in a range of historical events from the 1348 plague to the victorians.

Immersive, educational and fun. 

Limited availability in 2023 .

Taking bookings for 2024.


Hold onto your hats, teachers! Terry Deary, that relentless raconteur of all things rib-tickling and riveting, is back with a brand new, original comedy, and it's got your name on it! This is more than just any old writer we're talking about. No, it's the award-winning British children's author behind the 'Horrible Histories' series, with a whopping 200 books under his belt, sold in 40 languages and numbering over 25 million copies!


Picture this - Mr Pimm, a fellow with more in common with a child-catcher than your average schoolmaster, given the task to steer the ship at York's notorious ragged school. The stage for our play? None other than the looming Bedern Hall, the notorious 'York Industrial Ragged School', an unholy mishmash of workhouse and orphanage.


Can you imagine the mayhem? Can you predict the pandemonium? Well, you don't have to! Join us to see Mr Pimm juggle his mischievous brood, dodging tomfoolery, taming tantrums, and imparting wisdom with nothing short of hilarious results. Dive into this whirlwind journey to discover if our past can dictate our future.


Expect high-octane hijinks, ludicrous lows, manic costume changes, and a hefty helping of Deary's legendary wit. Our tale winds through twisted lanes of history, leaving you in a fit of laughter and gasping for breath!


Think you could endure the Black Death? Fancy joining a peasant revolt? Ready to come face to face with a spine-chilling baby farmer? All this and more is in store as three tireless actors morph into a dizzying array of characters – around 100 roles in as many minutes!


But that's not all. This uproarious romp also offers a unique exploration of British history, catapulting you from the time of the Plantagenets to the Victorians. However, we're not just gawking at the grandeur of the nobles. Oh no! We delve into the intricate lives of the ordinary, the mundane, the forgotten folks. Because remember, the real heroes of history aren't the crown-wearing kings, the weapon-wielding warriors, or the empire-extending architects. Nay, they are the ordinary peasants, the unsung heroes! So, teachers, buckle up! This is one ride through history you will want to take advantage of!

Areas covered

  • Plantagenets: Black Death, Peasants' Revolt.

  • Tudors: Henry VIII, Francis Drake.

  • Stuarts: Great Plague 1666.

  • Hanoverians: Cauld Lad of Hylton, bodysnatchers, French Revolution.

  • Victorians: Baby farmers, workhouses, schools.

Student Interaction


Engage and Educate with an Interactive Experience: 

  • Students have the opportunity to interact with the cast, deepening their understanding and gaining alternative perspectives.

  • Question and answer sessions included, amplifying appreciation for the play's themes, characters and history.

Values Explored

Immerse your students in the exploration of essential values:

  • Compassion,

  • Courage,

  • Generosity,

  • Hope,

  • Humility,

  • Justice,

  • Perseverance,

  • Respect,

  • Service,

  • Thankfulness,

  • Trust,

  • Truthfulness, 

  • Wisdom.

Target Age Group


Designed for those aged 9 to 13.

  • Younger students will benefit from the immersive experience and rich storytelling.

Show Details

  • Genre: Drama

  • Duration: 60 minutes performance

  • Number of Performers: 3 professional actors with extensive training and experience

  • Technicians: 1 sound/lighting operator

  • No Audience Size Limits: Accommodate any number of students and teachers (subject to venue capacity) 


Stage requirements


We can work with your available stage or find alternative solutions to suit your space.


Pricing and Packages

  • Single Show Price: £1700 plus VAT

  • Multi-show Deals Available

  • A 30-minute question-and-answer session is included with each show. No additional cost.

  • Workshop Add-On: Tailored workshops available upon request at an additional cost

Collaborative Option


Work Together with Another School and Save!

  • Share the experience with a neighbouring school and split the cost evenly.

  • Shows must occur on the same day.

  • Schools within 5 miles of each other qualify, with exceptions considered case-by-case.

  • Collaborative Price: £1450 plus VAT per school (for one show)

  • Significant Savings

Contact and Enquiries

One of our team will help you from there.

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