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National Production Company Limited

First, how do we support you?

We are putting resources behind being a diverse, inclusive, accessible, truly representative of the population of the UK, friendly bunch of people offering equality of opportunity to everyone, including you.

So what are we planning on doing about this?

We are welcoming new and returning audiences and participants from the widest possible social backgrounds. Not only that, we are actively seeking to work with a more diverse group of creatives and crew where only talent and ambition are factors in our decision making, regardless of ethnic origin, race, colour, gender, disability, age, marital status, religious belief or sexual orientation. Not even whether you have been to drama school or not. Now I bet you didn't see that coming!

We don't just want to support people but the planet too!

When touring from theatre to theatre we are mindful of out carbon footprint. With this in mind we donating to More Trees. We will plant 1 tree for every venue we visit offsetting our carbon emissions and setting us on the pathway to being carbon neutral!


What can you do?

You can come and see one of our shows and not only invest in us but yourself as well. Everyone needs a little TLC especially after 2020! However if you are looking to be a little more proactive, speak to us. We are about building relationships not about just taking your money.  Have inspiration on how we can help each other? Get in touch! 

Pssst... don't forget another great thing you can do is sign up to our newsletter. Its free and you can opt-out at any point. We know being sold to is exhausting so most of the time we will contact you with interesting content and only sometimes offer you some great deals! 

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