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Our aim is simple: to help enrich learning for as many students as possible and be a part of driving academic growth. Thanks to the generosity of the Arts Council England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, we were able to begin this venture. With the support of schools, by booking our shows, we can continue to dedicate resources to this and give back to the educational community.

Ourstory is one of many initiatives to help make learning come to life. The content on this page is designed for primary school students learning about the history of Britain. We begin this with a brief timeline of influential events and people. Ranging from William the Conquer to the Second World War, discover the problematic and sometimes peculiar past.

This is only the beginning of a long journey, so your thoughts and suggestions are invaluable. If you are a teacher, please email with your ideas. And, keep an eye on developments. We will be adding more content over the coming months. 

Also, don't forget to check out Talking Deads! Terry Deary (author of Horrible Histories), with the help of National Production Company, has brought characters from our past back to life. See history from their angle.

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History Timeline:1066 to 1945

A summary of some of the most important events and people in British history.


Learn about the:

  • Battle of Hastings (1 min. 9 sec.)

  • Black Death (2 min. 25 sec.)

  • Wars of the Roses (3 min. 22 sec.)

  • Gunpowder Plot (7 min. 23 sec.)

  • Fire of London (8 min. 50 sec.)

  • Florence Nightingale (10 min. 15 sec.)

  • Titanic (11 min. 41 sec.)

  • World War I (13 min. 16 sec.)

  • World War II (15 min. 13 sec.)

  • Ultimate Question (18 min. 30 sec.)

If you would like an illustrated timeline sent to you, please email your details to, and we will get one sent to you. 

If you enjoyed this, you might like Terry Deary's Twisted Tales. Every booking helps to contribute more resources to future free material like this. Look at what we can offer by visiting our school shows page. 

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