Looking for something a bit different?

This may be the way forward for you and your students.

An interact experience where students can get hands on with history.

Theatre Through the Ages: explore the evolution of theatre through the ages. From the Ancient Greeks to Shakespeare to the modern-day, and all that's in-between. Students will engage in fun, interactive tasks from mask-making to devising their own performances, concluding with group presentations of their work. 

Price per session: £399 excl. VAT

Battles Through the Ages: an action packed time allowing students to explore how warfare has evolved through the ages. Pupils will get the chance to interact with medieval armour and weaponry, watch a sword-fighting show to experience life in the trenches and lots more in-between.

Price per session: £399 excl. VAT

Life In The Trenches: Respond to the call to arms and learn about the life of a WW1 soldier. Experience the trenches through resources and play, explore WW1 poetry, and even go into battle!

Price per session: £399 excl. VAT

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