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Jekyll and Hyde

1hr 30mins  |  Recommended age: 11+

Have a professional theatre production that toured significant venues in the UK, visit your school!

Bring Robert Louis Stevenson's words to life with this comical play that stays true to the original text.

Enhance your pupils' understanding of the novella and the diverse, complex characters.

Taking bookings for 2024.



Here's a rip-roaring rollercoaster of a show tailor-made to inspire and instruct your KS4 English and KS4-KS5 Drama pupils. What do we have in store? Imagine an uproarious comedy that doesn't skimp on the drama, designed to thrill students and tickle their brains equally!

Let the Catherstone Risdake Association Players whisk your students off their feet and into a chaotic world of theatre and charity. These outrageous actors are trying every trick in the book (and a few more besides!) to wheedle donations from their besotted local community, all in a grand bid to fund their rendition of 'Jekyll and Hyde'. Watch as they plan out lavish sets, hobnob with high-profile actors and even scheme for a 'business trip' to the Bahamas.

But until their pockets are filled, they have to get inventive! Join them in a hilarious yet heartfelt journey, weaving the tale of Dr Henry Jekyll, the daring scientist who dabbles with dangerous experiments. Gasp as he morphs into a wicked man and a monstrous menace under the influence of his infamous potion.

And the best part? This rollercoaster of a ride is relayed through the observant eyes of Gabrielle Utterson, keeping things fresh while staying true to the core of Robert Louis Stevenson's masterpiece. It's the ideal way to introduce students to the text, or an entertaining tool for revision, helping learners grasp the full extent of the text with clarity and insight.


But wait, there's more! The show is also an excellent opportunity for your students to flex their critical thinking muscles, encouraging them to dissect and delve into the text with newfound confidence. And to top it all off, we offer Question and Answer sessions with our seasoned actors. They're not just thespians but well-versed scholars of the novella, eager to impart their knowledge and experience. So, teachers, why wait? It's time to let your students experience literature in a whole new light!

Student Interaction


Engage and Educate with an Interactive Experience: 

  • Students have the opportunity to interact with the cast, deepening their understanding and gaining alternative perspectives.

  • Question and answer sessions included amplifying appreciation for the play's themes and characters.

Values Explored

Immerse your students in the exploration of essential values:

  • Compassion,

  • Courage,

  • Generosity,

  • Hope,

  • Humility,

  • Justice,

  • Perseverance,

  • Respect,

  • Service,

  • Thankfulness,

  • Trust,

  • Truthfulness, 

  • Wisdom.

Target Age Group


Designed for GCSE and A-Level Students, but Suitable for Ages 11 and Above.

  • Engage older students in completing their exams in drama and English literature.

  • Younger students will also benefit from the immersive experience and rich storytelling.

Show Details

  • Genre: Drama

  • Duration: 90 minutes performance

  • Number of Performers: 4 professional actors with extensive training and experience

  • Technicians: 1 sound/lighting operator

  • No Audience Size Limits: Accommodate any number of students and teachers (subject to venue capacity) 


Stage requirements


We can work with your available stage or find alternative solutions to suit your space.


Pricing and Packages

  • Single Show Price: £2100 plus VAT

  • Multi-show Deals Available

  • A 30-minute question and answer session included with each show. No additional cost.

  • Workshop Add-On: Tailored workshops available upon request at an additional cost

Collaborative Option


Work Together with Another School and Save!

  • Share the experience with a neighbouring school and split the cost evenly.

  • Shows must occur on the same day.

  • Schools within 5 miles of each other qualify, with exceptions considered case-by-case.

  • Collaborative Price: £1850 plus VAT per school (for one show)

  • Significant Savings

Contact and Enquiries

One of our team will help you from there.

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