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Eleventh Hour

1 hr |  Recommended age: 7-13

Have a professional theatre company which have toured major venues in the UK, visit your school!

This show is an excellent opportunity to engage students 7 to 13 in World War 1 and understand life in the trenches.

Thought-provoking, educational and fun. 

Taking bookings for 2024


Calling all teachers! Step into the thick of history with Terry Deary's latest brainchild, the 'Eleventh Hour'. Yes, that's right, the renowned raconteur of the 'Horrible Histories' fame brings you another hearty helping of his trademark mix - a bit of history, a bit of humour, and a whole lot of heart!

Brace yourselves as you plunge into the grimy world of WWI trenches, a murky world where humanity is thrown into a blender and spat out as a war of wits and weapons. You'll meet Danny and Marius, two ordinary soldiers thrust into extraordinary circumstances, faced with an impossible task - to fight and possibly even kill each other.

Grim, you say? But wait! Deary, as ever, pulls a trick or two out of his sleeve. The serious slice of history is served with a side of snappy humour, a sprinkle of drama, a dash of raw emotions and a generous helping of fun facts. Yes, amidst the grim spectre of war, Deary weaves in a lighter side - a silver lining on a stormy cloud, if you will.

Join this unlikely pair as they navigate through the dread of the trenches. Cheer for them as they swap songs, stories and similarities about their parallel lives. Guffaw, as they grumble about the itchy, irritating uniforms, grimace at the gruesome weapons, squirm at the dubious food and chuckle over the woeful state of the loos.

Deary's 'Eleventh Hour' promises to be an immersive exploration of trench life that will have you both gasping in surprise and giggling in delight. It's a lively leap into history that will leave you enlightened, entertained and eager for more. Prepare for a remarkable rendezvous with the past, where the horrors of war meet the hilarity of the human spirit. So teachers, are you ready for this riotous ride?

Student Interaction


Engage and Educate with an Interactive Experience: 

  • Students have the opportunity to interact with the cast, deepening their understanding and gaining alternative perspectives.

  • Question and answer sessions included, amplifying appreciation for the play's themes, characters and history.

Values Explored

Immerse your students in the exploration of essential values:

  • Compassion,

  • Courage,

  • Generosity,

  • Hope,

  • Humility,

  • Justice,

  • Perseverance,

  • Respect,

  • Service,

  • Thankfulness,

  • Trust,

  • Truthfulness, 

  • Wisdom.

Target Age Group


Designed for those aged 9 to 13.

  • Younger students will benefit from the immersive experience and rich storytelling.

Show Details

  • Genre: Drama

  • Duration: 60 minutes performance

  • Number of Performers: 2 professional actors with extensive training and experience

  • Technicians: 1 sound/lighting operator

  • No Audience Size Limits: Accommodate any number of students and teachers (subject to venue capacity) 


Stage requirements


We can work with your available stage or find alternative solutions to suit your space.


Pricing and Packages

  • Single Show Price: £1100 plus VAT

  • Multi-show Deals Available

  • A 30-minute question-and-answer session is included with each show. No additional cost.

  • Workshop Add-On: Tailored workshops available upon request at an additional cost

Collaborative Option


Work Together with Another School and Save!

  • Share the experience with a neighbouring school and split the cost evenly.

  • Shows must occur on the same day.

  • Schools within 5 miles of each other qualify, with exceptions considered case-by-case.

  • Collaborative Price: £850 plus VAT per school (for one show)

  • Significant Savings

Contact and Enquiries

One of our team will help you from there.

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