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Eleventh Hour

1 hr |  Recommended age: 7-13

Have a professional theatre company which have toured major venues in the UK, visit your school!

This show is an excellent opportunity to engage students 7 to 13 in World War 1 and understand life in the trenches.

Thought-provoking, educational and fun. 


A thought-provoking play written by Terry Deary (author of Horrible Histories) explores the underlying theme of humanity in war. The story surrounds two soldiers who have been asked to fight mercilessly and even kill each other. Sounds heavy, right? But don’t worry, there is a lighter side! A show filled with humour, drama, emotions and fun facts, Eleventh Hour brings to life the conditions of the WW1 trenches.


Join Danny and Marius as they swap songs and stories and compare their time in the trenches. Watch whilst they squirm at scratchy uniforms, wince at wicked weapons, flinch at foul food and titter at the terrible toilets. 


“Terry Deary’s Eleventh Hour” is the perfect way to explore life in the trenches in an immersive manner. 

Values covered:

  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Generosity

  • Hope

  • Humility

  • Justice

  • Perseverance

  • Respect

  • Service

  • Thankfulness

  • Trust

  • Truthfulness

  • Wisdom

Target age group: 7 to 13 (although adults have enjoyed this too!).

Genre: Drama (with comedic moments). 

Length: 70 minutes approximately.

Number of performers: 2 professional performers who are drama school trained and/or have extensive professional experience. 

Number of technicians: 1 sound/lighting operator.

Audience size limits: There are no limits to the number of students and teachers seeing the show. If they can fit into the space, they can watch.

Stage requirements: If you have a stage, we will look to use that. However, we are adaptable, so we usually find a way if this is not possible.

Additional to the show: Q & A session included. 

Price: £1073 plus VAT for one show.

£1442 plus VAT for two performances on the same day.

Other multi-show deals are available. See below how working together with other schools can help to reduce the cost of shows.


Deposit: £150 plus VAT is required to secure the booking. This is per booking and not per show. For example, book ten shows at the same time and a deposit of £150 plus VAT will be due. To find out more about us and how we manage our business relationship with you, please take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Workshops: available upon request at an additional cost. We will tailor the workshop to your needs. Get in touch to discuss this further.

Work together!


Why not share the experience with another school?


We aim to balance the welfare of our performers with the economic pressures schools face. If you team up with another local school, we will split the cost of the shows evenly. Each school gets a competitive price whilst ensuring our team is appropriately cared for.


We have two clauses to be aware of in this scenario:

  1. The shows must take place on the same day. For example, on 25th June a performance will take place in the morning at School A. Then, a show will take place in the afternoon at School B.

  2. Each school needs to be within 5 miles of each other. Should the distance be greater than 5 miles, we will consider the situation and decide on a case-by-case basis.


This would cost each school £721 plus VAT for one show. A saving of £352 plus VAT compared to ordering a single performance independently. 


How is that possible? We can make transport and accommodation efficiencies by having the shows take place on the same day. There is a negligible difference between the cost of having two shows at one school on the same day and one show at two schools on the same day (as long as the schools are not too far apart). We create a cost-efficiency that benefits all parties. 


No doubt you have questions. We are here to help. We are also here to support and facilitate the arrangement between us. Reach out to discuss your ideas, and let's work together. Together everyone achieves more.

What next?

Send an email to with your preferences and requirements, including any dates that would work best for you. One of our team will help you from there.

Looking for something to engage your pupils now? Meet some characters from the past with Terry Deay's Talking Deads series. Access these videos for free by following this link to our webpage here. Or, head to the education section of our website.

Have a question? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page using the button below or send us an email to

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