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Playing Queen Boudica for Talking Deads

I started my preparation for the filming of Queen Boudica as I would for any job, by reading over the script several times. This helped me to understand the piece, my character whilst also getting a feel for the performance style. In comparison to other historical figures, I didn't know very much about Queen Boudica so I really took some time to read about her. Researching the character is crucial for me to bring a truthful performance and allowed my subconscious to develop how I would portray her. I continued to do this throughout the learning process.

When working with monologues, I find recording myself and listening back on repeat really helpful, especially if I can find a rhythm as if learning lyrics to a song.

When I learnt the piece, to work on the performance, I record myself saying it out loud as it doesn’t always sound how you think it does in your head!! This is a process I repeat over and over to find the right emotions, inflections & pace.

There were some names and places in the script that I’d not heard of before – As with many things today, YouTube was a great help with pronunciation clips!!

Upon reading about her, I felt Boudica was feisty and a bit sassy. As this was a piece to be delivered straight down the camera lens, I felt it worked to be delivered as a chat, it was her just having a little gossip. I wanted to show her big personality and her strength, but simply shouting my way through the speech wouldn’t work, more so through a camera. The piece had plenty of opportunities to show her personality and moments of rage, sarcasm and tragedy!

It was lots of fun making this, I hope you enjoy watching Talking Deads too!

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