Best Bits of Macbeth

1hr 30mins  |  Recommended age: 8+

Bringing Shakespeare’s words to life will enhance your pupils' understanding both of the play and the diverse complex characters within.

A show followed by a Q & A, this is a marvelous way to introduce the play to pupils or an engaging revision tool.

Teaching young minds Shakespeare's themes, language and structure can be challenging, especially out of a book. However, a live performance of Macbeth can really help to inspire a student's love for the Bard whilst developing their understanding and confidence with his language and words.

Often a full-scale production of Macbeth can last for hours, so we have condensed the play, flowing from one key scene to another, giving students a more action-packed, streamlined version which still presents the arc of the storyline.

After, students are encouraged to engage with the actors, many of which have worked with Royal Shakespeare Company creative team whilst at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, who will discuss their artistic choices, present the context of the play, provide tips on learning lines and much more.

Price per show: £699 excl. VAT

Multi-show deals available

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